ProFit Styling

ProFit Styling

NIL: It’s called name, IMAGE, likeness for a reason.

Make YOUR Image Make Money

Make YOUR Image Make Money

College sports is changing. The game and the opportunities are elevating. The rise of social media and NIL means to maximize marketing opportunities, athletes have to step up their image.

The most successful NIL athletes stand out to sponsor brands not just because of their skill, but because their consistent, authentic image connects with an audience. To ensure athletes can focus on sports and studies, cultivating and projecting this money-making, authentic image needs to be simple. That’s where we help.

“If you look good, you feel good.
If you feel good, you play good.
If you play good, they pay good.”
– Deion Sanders

The Playbook: Unlocking Your

Personal Style for NIL Profits

The Playbook: Unlocking
Your Personal Style

for NIL Profits

Our foundational offering, The Playbook: Unlocking Your Personal Style for NIL Profits, empowers athletes to leverage their personal style into a money-making personal brand. This education is amplified by optional image development and styling services ranging from photoshoot and event styling to image marketing and brand partnership development.

If you’re an athlete…
Our solutions ensure you stand apart from the crowd and brand yourself authentically. Simple and straightforward, in as little as four hours you’ll hold the keys to cultivating a unique, marketable image.

If you’re a coach or an athletic department…
Our solutions complement existing programming, giving you an edge recruiting and supporting an entire department of athletes in the NIL marketplace. Flexible, scalable and affordable, athletes will gain life-long image development and personal branding skills via the platform you pick: 1:1 coaching, self-paced online learning or in-person group training.

If you’re an agent or collective…
Our solutions create confidence your athletes always present their best image to their audience. Accessible and comprehensive, clients will learn to project and perfect a photo- and video-ready image for events like personal appearances, gameday walk-ins and social media content creation.

By the end of training, athletes will…

Master a step-by-step image development and branding process.
Begin cultivating a personal style that supports their personal brand.
Learn simple outfit formulas they can make their own.
Understand how to make sure wardrobe is photo- and video-ready for personal appearances, gameday walk-ins, and social media content.
Unlock access to ongoing style support, including on-demand how-tos, discounted styling services and brand partnership support.

Your Head Style Coach

Your Head Style Coach

I’m a professional stylist and former publicist with years working in D-1 College Athletics before styling former NFL Players and athletes, as well as countless executives and private clients.

I used this specific combination of experience to develop The Playbook to make image development easy and personal and in way that appeals to sponsor brands and high-visibility athletic programs.

Ready To Suit Up?

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